App Vs Website: Which One to Choose for Your Business?

Technology advances have undoubtedly made our lives easier and the smartphone has become a very important part of our daily lives. Today, people can browse internet & get any information required anywhere & anytime with the easy access to connectivity. The number of phone users was recorded to be 4.7 billion and will increase up to 50% by the end of 2018. For the success of your business, having a well-documented mobile strategy is important to reach the audience out in the market. As a business owner, it can be difficult to pick the right Mobile App Developers that fits best for your business needs. Let’s find out which one should you choose among the options- an app or a website.

Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of an app and a website and situations where one can offer better benefits over the other platform.

Why Choose a Mobile App Over Mobile Web?

1. Offline Use

If the app is installed on users’ phones, you can easily access all the information since the data that are synchronised during the active connection are auto-saved. Even if the device is without internet connectivity, the user will be able to access the content if it is the app, not a website.

2. Personalised Experience

As the apps are installed on the devices, users get personalised experiences specific to their requirements & behaviours. With the anytime access available from their mobile devices, the app helps in enhancing user engagement & boosts better interaction.

3. Social Media Integration
Users are addicted to social media platforms such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc. that keeps them engaged on their smartphones. With the integration of these platforms, organisations can make their business grow & attract several users active on social media.

4. Push Notifications

Connect users through the push notifications about the discounts, offers, events, etc. that are sent directly to their smartphones & it’s not possible with the website. A single click on the notification will take the user to the app encouraging them to use the service or buy the products.

5. More Secured

As apps are integrated with the robust security features, a high level of protection is achieved on all the confidential information shared by the users. Additionally, users have the option to lock the app and some of its functionalities.

Why Mobile Website Over an App?

1. Easy & Fast Access

Users can access mobile web instantly without the need of downloading and installation, which is mandatory for an app. However, while using website, there is no such long procedure as users can access the website through any browser available

2. Support Multi-platform

A website is compatible with any platforms whether it is an android, windows or iPhone and can be used through any browser. While mobile app developed for Android will only run on the android phone and not on iPhone. Different apps need to be developed for different platforms

3. Auto Updates

Talking about mobile websites, any updates in the design or the content is very flexible, as you only must publish the edit and instantly updates will be available. However, for app updates, it needs to be pushed to the user’s devices, which will be then downloaded and updated in the app.

4. No deletion

A mobile app has the fear of being deleted by users after it has been used, as users have the right to uninstall it at any time. But, the mobile website can never be deleted and can be used all the time whenever the user needs.

5. No Storage Consumption

Installing and downloading the app on the mobile phones can consume lots of storage space while the website doesn’t need to be downloaded saving the space of the user’s devices.

In Conclusion

The main motive of any business is to attract customers and win their hearts, irrespective of any platform that is being used- app or website. As both has its own advantages and disadvantages, the ultimate decision lies in your hand. If your goals are mainly focused on marketing and delivering content with a brand mobile presence that is easy to maintain, a mobile-friendly website should be your preferred option. However, if you want to deliver an exceptional user experience with better personalisation & access to a user’s phone storage, an app is what you need. Consider the situations stated above, scrutinise them and choose the one suitable as per your business requirements.

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