Our Favourite Christmas Campaigns of 2016


There is nothing better than an outstandingly executed Christmas campaigns to get us in the mood for the impending festivities. We all wait around for the Coca-Cola Christmas advert to decide when it’s time to begin feeling excited about Christmas. Yet, we forget how Christmas Marketing Campaigns adds to the festivity. Therefore with the Christmas season well under way, we have picked our favourite Christmas Marketing Campaigns of 2016 and the ones that have made us feel extra festive.

Mulberry Miracle

For Mulberry’s Christmas Campaign, they have put a playful and comical spin to the traditional nativity story, called the ‘Mulberry Miracle’. As you can see in the trailer, a very lucky lady is given the lusted-after handbag of her dreams and as she opens it, travellers come from afar to have a peak and witness the performance. The video advert really sets the festive scene with a cosy, crackling fire in the background and the dimly lit setting. All of which provides a perfect Christmassy backdrop for the reveal of the Cherry Red Bayswater Mulberry bag sitting front and centre.

We can’t help but find ourselves fixated on the luxurious handbag, which is the Queen of all handbags. We love the way that this video campaign drew us in, conveying the brand magnificently and prepossessing a heart-warming tone that has convinced us the ideal gift this Christmas is Mulberry.


For their Christmas Campaign, Barbour have worked alongside Penguin Books and Lupus Films to create a bespoke version of The Snowman and The Snowdog. The short film ends with a reference to Barbour’s chosen campaign tagline, which is ‘gifts they’ll remember’. This ties in neatly with creating an emotional resonance with their customers and putting emphasis on how Barbour is an eternal and classic brand.

Alongside this, Barbour also have created a ‘Barbour Christmas’ blog. The blog also follows the story of The Snowman and The Snowdog but through the eyes of Barbour and their recommendations and tips for the perfect Christmas. Barbour even created an email marketing campaign that asks consumers to nominate a loved one to win a special gift. As all email marketing campaigns do it asks for consumers to enter their name and email address but, it also asks the consumer to share why the nominee deserves to win a gift. There is no doubt that this will encourage some very heart-warming and PR-able stories that Barbour can then share.

And if that wasn’t enough, the campaign is coupled with the launch of @BarbourDogs Instagram page, which includes cute dogs and Christmas compiled into one. It is clear that Barbour is aiming right for our hearts this Christmas and to create a strong emotional connection with their consumers.

Harrods x Burberry

A Christmas partnership with Harrods and Burberry have collaborated to create an online digital campaign, which brings a series of festive events and lets you create your own personalised music experience. They have created an animated video experience that feels traditional, heightened by the paper-cut scenery, whilst the animation gives the consumer free will to be extremely creative as the animation itself is very innovative and technical.

The collaborated campaign works extremely well as they have connected a traditional fairytale-esque tale with pioneering technology, which demonstrates how Burberry as a brand preserves its heritage style whilst staying current and modern.


This Christmas, Selfridges have implemented an interactive Christmas landing page where you can discover lots of useful and festive surprises, which includes a highly shareable and interactive ‘What’s your Party Persona?’ quiz, exclusive events, tips and gift inspiration.

As always, Selfridges are injecting the glamour into Christmas and have named their campaign ‘Gather, Give & Get on Down’ that really does evoke a call to action. The campaign has really caught our attention and have found it very useful in helping us find the right gifts and even make our own luxurious Christmas lists.

Tiffany & Co

Tiffany’s have created a campaign, named Joy Comes Out Of The Blue, that presents the internet user with a seamless scrolling navigation experience. The navigation has a bit of a twist, also. If you scroll down with your mouse, you will find yourself floating in the opposite direction upwards on the page. This is very cleverly does as it instantly captures the attention of the user and will be sure to drive the engagement and keep you on the page. It gives the user the ability to float their way through the experience of discovering the most incredible diamonds, watches, necklaces and more. Overall, it is perfectly fitting to the brand of Tiffany and Christmas as the floating experience screams delicacy (which is exactly what Tiffany’s jewellery is) and replicates the movement of a snowflake.

Are you noticing the same trend? Tiffany’s is the second brand that has chosen a paper-cut style animation for its Christmas marketing campaign, enticing the customers to enter a virtual journey through winter wonderland with carefully selected products matched to a personality type (e.g. the dreamer or the romantic). Here is a perfect example of how content marketing is at its most magical!