IGTV - Here's What You Need to Know


IGTV by Instagram

For most businesses, Instagram is a go-to platform, including being used regularly by ourselves! Earlier this week, Instagram revealed their latest feature – IGTV.

Can this be a new feature which companies can use to their greatest potential?

Here’s all you need to know:


What is IGTV?

IGTV is the first platform to use full-screen vertical video on your mobile. It differentiates from other social media platforms by only shooting in Vertical Format

Videos will start playing as soon as the app is opened meaning that users don’t have to search to get started. 

IGTV will also focus on the creators, who you regularly search for, making them appear on your newsfeed. 


How does IGTV work? 

IGTV will allow creators to upload hour-long video content in a vertical video format. Users will be able to scroll through their personalised recommended feed or search popular videos and content from creators they're following.

New video content from creators will be notified to their followers by a notification from the IGTV button. Users can use the IGTV section on the main Instagram App or download the new IGTV app to avoid any distraction the main platform may have.

How can this help businesses?

With the decrease of watching TV along with the increase of digital video, this means that people are looking for a new platform to be entertained on. 

The longer videos not only bring a new style of entertainment for Instagram users, but also creates a brand-new platform for businesses to get discovered by new people, whilst engaging more with their current audience. The new method of engagement allows businesses to create deeper storytelling about their company whilst building stronger connections with potential customers. By IGTV playing as soon as the app is opened, this can help users see instant original content from your business and help discover your brand. 


How do you make IGTV content? 

Now that you know the potential benefits of IGTV, we’re sure you want to know how to make them! To create an IGTV video, simply go to your settings cog on your main Instagram profile and start a channel up. Once you’ve created your IGTV channel, you can start uploading pre-made content. 


UNBXD is here to help!

The biggest challenge about making IGTV content is making your content stand out from other businesses and making the videos of the highest quality standard whilst taking complete benefit of the ability to make videos up to an hour long. So why not leave the hard stuff to us here at UNBXD!

In our office, we have a fantastic studio and bespoke equipment to help your business make the highest quality and most appealing vertical content for your IGTV followers. 

To get UNBXD to help your business make the most of the IGTV platform, get in touch with a member of our team today.

Thanks for reading.