Success Stories: Dorset Cruises

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Based on south coast of the UK, Dorset Cruises offers a one of a kind experience on board their vintage yacht, perfect for weddings, corporate events, entertaining and other special events.

In June 2019, we launched the new Dorset Cruises e-commerce website. Even within such a short space of time, we have already seen a substantial increase in traffic and sales on the site.

Let’s delve deeper into the nitty gritty of this success story to find out exactly how we streamlined their booking process.



Dorset Cruises approached UNBXD following a persistent issue they had in having to manually process each transaction individually over the phone or via their POS card terminals, which proved extremely time consuming.

Following this, Dorset Cruises appointed UNBXD with the task of designing a new e-commerce website in order to streamline the booking and payment process, freeing up admin time for more productive tasks such as marketing and management.



We decided to approach this project by designing and developing a bespoke e-commerce site with a custom built tour booking system, enabling a more efficient and smoother all round experience. The site is built complete with a fully branded backend CMS system with multiple users levels, enabling them to easily manage content content across the site in-house.



Since launching the new website, it’s already proven a huge success both internally and externally, receiving fantastic feedback from both Dorset Cruises and their clients.

In terms of how the stats are looking two months in…

E-Commerce Stats (First Month):

  • Approximate Revenue (Online): £9K+

  • Tickets Sold: 250+

  • Transactions: 100+

  • Average Order Value: £70-£100

Web Stats (First Month):

  • Users: +30%

  • New Users: +26%

  • Sessions: +28%

  • Page Views: +15%

Dorset Cruises owners, Mike Corica & Jon Morgan, at the BH Stars Awards 2019

Dorset Cruises owners, Mike Corica & Jon Morgan, at the BH Stars Awards 2019


“We enlisted UNBXD to completely revamp our cruise website. They were also tasked with creating a booking system so that our guests could book tickets online. It was no mean feat as we host around 20 completely different events with different departure time, durations, itineraries and prices etc.

We have been extremely happy with the results and the aftercare offered.

I would highly recommend.”

- Jon Morgan, Managing Director at Dorset Cruises

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