UNBXD @ Jimmy's Iced Coffee


We had the opportunity to attend the Virgin Start Up event hosted by Jimmy's Iced Coffee in Christchurch, Dorset. The theme of the event was starting an online company with the opportunity to enjoy Jimmy and his teams hospitality while chatting to other like minded creatives and entrepreneurs followed by a talk from guest speakers.

I went with our Social Media Director, Abbie, who to say the least was very excited to meet Jimmy and have the chance to explore his amazing office space in a converted warehouse.

Virgin had organised some fantastic guest speakers including the likes of Poole based agency Folk and App start up Hollobox. Both of which shared their experience and insight into establishing a brands identity and tips or tricks they learnt to market the brand on a budget.

Jimmy started the talk by sharing the history of Jimmy's Iced Coffee and how he developed the idea. What I loved about Jimmy was his energy and passion for his brand, Jimmy has a unique style to how he brands himself and his products. From dressing up as a huge coffee carton to creating a viral rap video about him and his brand, his imagination was endless with how he could appeal to his consumers.

You can't put a price on the value of someone sharing their experience and knowledge with you, I always try to leave with one important lesson learnt. Below is Jimmy's favourite quote which he said has been the most valuable lesson he has learnt so far.

"Farmer Hoggett knew that little ideas that tickled and nagged and refused to go away should never be ignored, for in them lie the seeds of destiny." - Babe, the movie.