Bournemouth and Poole are voted No.1 for high growth digital businesses in the UK Tech Nation 2017 Report


Our coastal hometown Bournemouth is being recognised for its full potential we know, from being a digital creative agency and living the experience of Bournemouth’s digital growth, it has. We are extremely proud to be a part of the growing digital community within Bournemouth and being surrounded by like-minded creative individuals with big ambitions.


In the recent 2017 report by Tech Nation, which reports on the top 5 cities for high growth digital businesses, Bournemouth and Poole were acclaimed as No.1. Out of the 30 recognised places that are profiled on Tech Nation, Bournemouth and Poole were noted to have the highest growth of digital businesses above the likes of London, Glasgow, Brighton and Newcastle. 26% of the digital tech businesses are classified as high growth – a figure that refers to businesses with 10 or more employees that are in the top 10% of all companies in terms of their turnover growth.

The latest discoveries by Tech Nation also show that Bournemouth’s digital Gross Value Added (GVA) is worth an astounding 352 million with 15,763 digital jobs recorded as well as the average advertised Digital salary being noted as £39,508. Since 2011, Bournemouth has been the home to 199 start-ups and the start-ups within Bournemouth have even noted that the overall quality of life is 95% and the Tech Sector Growth Potential a massive 91%.

Councillor John Beesly, Leader of Bournemouth Council said, “We are delighted that Bournemouth has been recognised as one of the highest concentrations of high-growth digital tech businesses in the UK. Bournemouth is becoming a magnet for creative talent. Home to a population with an average of 34, the town is building a new reputation as a destination where people can study at internationally acclaimed universities, technology start-ups can experiment, entrepreneurs can launch ideas and experienced professionals can develop their careers.”

Overall, the coastal home for UNBXD is a perfect place for our ideas to come to life, network with likeminded individuals and discuss business growth and grow our business. Especially as our workplace is the new co-working creative hub in the town centre, THIS Workspace, which helps us to achieve the success we’re working towards. We’re very excited to be a part of Bournemouth’s further digital growth and look forward to the 2018 report by Tech Nation, which will show we will grow even more.