Keeping up with the Bakers: A Revolutionary Marketing Campaign

Inevitably 2017 was set to be a very competitive year for businesses with technology, culture and trends always evolving. With augmented and virtual reality flourishing and Facebook and Instagram introducing their own version of Snapchat, the ability to market brands and businesses online is growing and as a result, Marketers are finding they have more tools to utilise. As an outcome, it is becoming much more competitive in the business world and we are seeing many more innovative and inspirational marketing campaigns publicised.

Today is a very exciting day, as the most innovative and revolutionary marketing campaign (so far) has been publicised and unveiled. The British luxury clothing brand Ted Baker, who is renowned for its quirky and creative campaigns, has raised the bar for brands and put themselves ahead of the competition with their new marketing campaign. Setting itself apart from ad campaigns consisting of “big headline fashion photographers and celebrities” is as integral to Ted Baker as its smart dresses and quirky styling. And the fashion brand, well-known for its unorthodox take on marketing, is continuing that charge with the launch of a new comedy sitcom.

And it is by far the most innovative and inspirational marketing campaign of 2017 to date.

‘Keeping up with the Bakers’

Ted Baker has released the most innovative and creative marketing campaigns we have seen to date. They have taken full advantage of new technology and social media within their new marketing campaign ‘Keeping up with the Bakers’ as it makes use of Instagram Stories, Virtual Reality and a fully shoppable short film. The ‘Keeping up with the Bakers’ campaign focuses on a fictional family who moves into Tailor’s lane; a fictional suburb that holds many hidden secrets, and it will withhold a fitting soap opera theme.

But that’s not just it! They will also avail Instagram Stories as a “gossip channel” with daily posts serving as episodic content with the main focus to reveal more about the Baker family members. Instagram users will be able to click through five different TV channels within the Ted Baker Instagram Story, which will each display appropriate content to the Baker’s world.

Craig Smith, global brand communication director at Ted Baker, explained on Marketing Week “Instagram Stories rings itself nicely to episodic storytelling and building out a narrative. For us, it is perfect for not just re-articulating the main ad but adding another thread to the story and giving it more depth. I reckon we’ll be the first of many brands to use it in this way.”

Ted Baker is also utilising virtual reality to bring the brand and the ‘Keeping up with the Bakers’ campaign to life through in-store activation and use of Google’s virtual reality (VR) headsets and Google Cardboard. A 360° film will be distributed in-store via 20,000 Google Cardboard headsets and the fashion brand has also created an interactive window display at select locations. The latter works by allowing passers-by to place their hands on a glass window, which then triggers a camera that places the user beside the Baker characters and results in a shareable GIF. It is clear that Ted Baker is fully indulging in and prioritising digital experimentation through their connection of the online and offline worlds. With Craig Smith even going so far as to say, “In the future, walking into a Ted Baker store to buy clothes should be like walking into an interactive advertising campaign and something you can just do by just sitting at home. Technology will make that happen and we want to be ready for those changes.”

Brands are noticeably making their marketing campaigns far more impactful and meaningful whilst consistently reformulating how they can engage possible customers or clients. Ted Baker has definitely raised the bar for other brands and is way ahead in the competitive market having released one of the most innovative and creative marketing campaigns yet.