World Cup 2018: 10 of the Best Marketing Campaigns so far


The World Cup is in full swing, with everyone talking about which team is going to bring the cup home. Worldwide events make fantastic opportunities for brands to create campaigns football related and gain company buzz.

We’ve made a list of our 10 favourite campaigns so far, check them out and let us know which is your favourite!



Swedish furniture store IKEA understand that not everyone enjoys football and not everyone is supporting the same team. IKEA cleverly created a campaign developing a set of sofas to reflect these differences.

The Dekajtig sofa, allows one person to face the opposite direction of the TV, featuring the headline "For all of you who love football. And for those of you who don't".

The Vallentuna sofa offers a function which allows the sofa to be separated which has been advertised for those who don’t support the same team.

2. Carlsberg

The Danish beer brand, Carlsberg created a campaign to win over fans in Europe. Many Danish people flew to Russia to support their team in the World Cup so Carlsberg created a campaign to bring the two cultures together.

The campaign was thought to give fans a taste of Russian and Danish culture by incorporating the Danish beer with the Russian delicacy, Caviar, and create a beer caviar. Carlsberg also wanted to emphasize to its consumers that their beer is of a superior quality – hence making beer caviar.

3. Coca-Cola

For the World Cup, Coca-Cola created a campaign running in 200 countries. They created cans with numbers 0-9 with the goal for fans to share their predictions on social media using the numbered cans.

Coca-Cola also created TV spots with the main message that consumers should stalk up on the product to enjoy whilst watching the matches. The TV spot ends with the phrase “You’ve had four years”, further emphasizing for consumers to stalk up on the product.

4. Astro

The Malaysian broadcaster created a TV advert to promote the fact that they are showing all World Cup matches. The advert consists of football fans getting distracted during everyday tasks in order to watch the matches.

The advert also showed the viewers watching the matches on both TV and mobile to show that the matches can be streamed on both platforms.

5. Umbro

Sports brand Umbro created a campaign which made a football anthem without mentioning the tournament, teams, players or any trademarks at any point during the song. The song was created with the help of Youtube musician, Brett Domino.

6. UberEats

The campaign had Andrea Pirlo as the main focus on the campaign with him needing help to choose which country to support due to Italy not making it to the World Cup for the first time since 1958!

The advert includes quotes from seven other football players in the attempt to persuade him to support their team. The teams included were Brazil, France, Mexico, Australia, Portugal, Japan and Costa Rica.


7. Carling

Who doesn’t love a limited edition can? Carling has created a campaign hiding 100 golden cans inside multipacks. Each can will earn the finder £1000.

8. The Sun

UK news brand created a video advert for its World Cup Hub which shows a group of colleagues breaking out into a spontaneous, destructive game of office football.

9. Budweiser

The ‘light up the world cup' campaign features the brand distributing eight million Budweiser red light cups which glow brighter when the sound level increases.

The Bud Bot was also created for the UK, which allows fans to vote for the official man of the match along with offering home deliveries of the brand.

The Bud Boat will also be on the River Thames hosting screening parties, DJs, and bars for football fans around London.

10. LG

With Channel 4’s ‘Gogglebox’ being a massive hit, LG created a Gogglebox style viewing of football as part of the campaign “Live the game”. The viewing hosts England star Eric Dier, under-21 forward Dominic Calvert-Lewin and ex-England captain Terry Butcher on a new LG TV.

This year we've seen some fantastic campaigns emerge from well-known brands. We've broken down our favourite campaigns of the World Cup 2018 so far and we can't wait to see what more will emerge!