Shore Medical Group: Dorset's New Super Practise

Shore Medical is a new super partnership made up of a number of local NHS GP practises across Poole & Bournemouth that have formed to provide health care services to over 58,500 patients.

Shore Medical is made up of the following practices who are now partners in the new group;

• Heatherview Medical Centre and Fernside Surgery

• Lilliput Surgery

• Parkstone Tower Practice

• Poole Road Medical Centre

• Wessex Road Surgery

In merging the surgeries to form a new medical group, their service offering is able to be improved across the board including extended hours, specialist clinics and improved administrative support. It also allows the group to take advantage of new investment opportunities in GP services, combating the already well documented challenges that public healthcare faces within the limited resource that our NHS has available.

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Scope & Brief

Shore Medical appointed UNBXD to craft a new identity and brand strategy complete with a new website and marketing collateral. This was new territory for everyone involved in the merger, as such, Shore Medical had a clear vision and purpose, but didn’t have the experience to execute their ideas.

To formulate a clear brief, deliverables and gain key stakeholder sign-off, we held a brand workshop with all key members of the merger and practices.

A further outcome of our workshop was how clear it was that patients were at the foreground of all aspects of the merger. The group did not want to upset or unsettle their patient base. As such, a strategy would needed to be put into place to phase the new branding in over time.


Our findings from the workshop and questionnaire allowed us to distil the stakeholders thoughts and create a brand perception report. This was disseminated throughout the group to gain key stakeholder sign-off before any creative work began.

It was clear from the workshop that Shore Medical’s goal was to become a pioneer within the medical field, setting an examples for other practises and in time to expand beyond just five practices.

We set out to craft a new identity based on the information we gathered from our workshop along with a new online presence. Supporting this new merger also included a range of marketing collateral for each surgery, such as business cards, branded letterhead paper, signage and a wide range of other items.

A strategy was also required to phase the new branding and website in slowly over time. This involved co-branding each surgery with the existing surgery names and branding with the new group brand.

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The results, a colour palette and identity that showcases a sense reliability and friendliness while the contrast of fonts reinforces professionalism with a hint of playfulness, capturing the brand effectively.

Stage 1 of the web launch is now live with a roadmap in place to phase in other stages which will slowly merge each practice’s website into the Shore Medical site.

Keep your eyes peeled as Shore Medical is introduced throughout practises across Dorset.

See website here:

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